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The raw beans are imported from South America and Africa. They are then blended and roasted at a local roaster in Cape Town, South Africa.

No, single origin coffee is a specialty coffee trend and it’s difficult to keep the taste of each batch the same due to a variety of factors. For consistency in taste, we opted for “gourmet blends” in our range.

No, we don’t add any chicory to our coffee. Ours consists of pure Arabica coffee beans, pre-ground after roasting.

Our Breakfast Blend actually has a stronger flavour, but the caffeine content is very similar because the water poured over the coffee is not under pressure as with a machine espresso.

Firstly, and most importantly, always reseal your pouch firmly! Air going in and out of the packet is a big no-no. This will cause your coffee too lose its great taste very quickly. If you store it in the fridge (which you can) and it is not sealed firmly, it could absorb the taste of the different open foods in the fridge. In general: a cool (about 18 degrees), dry place, will do. Make sure it is sealed airtight!

A standard cup of coffee has about 94mg of caffeine. Machine espresso will have about 63mg of caffeine and an average latte has about 77mg of caffeine. This is on average, it does vary for different blends.

This mainly depends on what you add: sugar, milk and sweetener. A black cup of coffee has about 1 calorie, where as a cappuccino can be anything from 60 -160 calories depending on your “add-ons”.

Anything that is overdone is dangerous. Too much coffee can cause sleeplessness, and if you are addicted to caffeine, it could cause headaches if you missed one of your many cups a day. This would be sign that you should slow down on the intake.

All our blends are “Arabica” filter coffee, not too strong. We are sourcing a good tasting, stronger blend of filter coffee for that extra kick.  We will keep you up to date on our social media platforms.

July Special - Protea Coffee
July Special – Protea Coffee

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