Tamsyn (7 Desember 2021)

“Mag ek maar se, julle koffie is donners lekker, askies my taal, maar joh dit bring mens soveel heimwee & verlange na die plaas waar ons koffie nog gestook het op die vuur. Dis nou regte egte boeretroos.”

Chris Hamburg (November 2021)

“You get bad company, good company and thanks to Protea Coffee – Great Company”

Cherydwin van Aswegan, Oktober 2020

That is all you need: no gadgets, just your cup and hot water and the filter is biodegradable.

Paul van Rensburg, Oktober 2020

Lekkerste koppie filter koffie waarmee jy jouself kan bederf en dit maak n ideale geskenk.

Cathrine van der Bank (South Africa)

This is the best way for me to enjoy my coffee . I work at different locations and it’s not always easy to get my fix of good coffee . This is easy, affordable and no mess! Well done!

Mirinda Coertzen (South Africa)

The best in convenience and taste.

Corrie van Niekerk (South Africa)

One of the most novel ways to have a cup of coffee outdoors. Setup works remarkably well.

Paul van Eyssen (South Africa)

Good coffee anywhere anytime.  Winning recipe!

Riana Deysel (South Africa)

A Kruger National Park must have. It was easy and delicious on holiday and bonus: no more stinky coffee flask.

Tina and Glen, Michigan, New Holland

My husband discovered Protea Coffee over a year ago and liked it so much, he buys it regularly. I am turning this review over to him now.

I have a very busy job and really wanted a great cup of coffee I could take with me to make when I have a chance. All the other coffees were either not good tasting or required a brewer. The easy to use, GREAT tasting Protea Coffee works anywhere I had some hot water.

I like it so much that I am taking some with me to USA to see if my local store will carry it!

July Special - Protea Coffee
July Special – Protea Coffee

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